We care deeply about 3 things

At myFormula, we're passionate about three very important areas.
Sustainable Production
Transparent Communication
Customer Privacy

Not just carbon neutral, carbon negative.

The general rule of thumb is, for every product you buy, the carbon emissions associated with production and transport make our world a little worse. As a global citizen, we want to make the world a little better.

In partnership with xxx, we plant trees to not just offset our carbon emissions, but to reverse them - for every gram of carbon we release, we pull two grams out of the atmosphere. Doing our duty to protect our beautiful home.

Honesty costs nothing

We love our customer's - they keep us in business, and a great relationship is an honest one. It's a common practice in the haircare industry to advertise 'miracle formulas' and 'exotic ingredients' to make a sale. There are also many cases of the exact same formulation being used in different product lines.

We see no benefit in doing this. The only thing that matters are the ingredients in the product, and we are committed to creating the right formulation for your hair with uncompromising transparency.

Customer privacy

At myFormula, it's necessary for us to collect some information about you so we can create an effective formulation that suits your hair. This information is only used in the product formulation and improvement phase. It is never used for the purposes of advertising. All collected data is stored with industry standard SSL encryption.

You can view our privacy policy here.

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